About Our Classroom

We are privileged to have computers in our classroom. There is one computer station for every two students. This was given to us as a part of the eMINTS grant. eMINTS stands for Enhancing Missouri's Instructional Networked Teaching Strategies. You can visit http://www.emints.org for more information.

I have also taken pictures of our classroom to give you an idea of what the classroom will look like.

Computer stations on the left hand side of the room.
Computer stations on the right hand side of the room.

Expectations and Policies

Classroom Expectations
All students are expected to show focused, respectful, and responsible behavior while they are at school. We spent the first couple weeks of school learning what these words mean in the different areas of our school. We can look at our PBS Matrix for a good reminder of our school expectations.

Should a student break one of our rules, he or she must flip a card. We have three cards: green means they are "good to go," yellow means they have had a warning, and red means they lose all their recess and must call home to talk to their parents about what happened at school. The student also completes a Think Sheet
and conferences with his or her teacher.

Our Classes

We are doing something new in fourth grade this year. Each teacher will be teaching something different to all three classes. The only exception to this will be Communication Arts where each teacher will teach their own class of students. Here is a list of each teacher and their subject area...

Mr. Bennett - Social Studies
Mrs. Hyde - Mathematics
Mrs. Flippin - Science

We are confident that this structure will allow the students to learn more and will allow the teacher to plan for quality instruction.

Homework Policy

Homework is assigned to help reinforce classroom learning. When homework is assigned, it must be brought back the following day unless a due date is specified by the classroom teacher. When a student is absent one day, they have one day to complete any missed work. If a student is absent more than one day, they have the same number of days to complete any missed work.

You can view our homework policy in the online version of the Sparta Elementary Handbook.

Computer Use Agreements
All elementary students are required to sign a district and classroom computer use agreement. You can download them both below.