Instructional Links and Resources

These are some professional links that I have compiled over my three years of teaching. To me, these are invaluable resources and contain a wealth of instructional strategies, activities, and research regarding classroom instruction.

Mr. B's Technology Buzz - See what Mr. B is "buzzing" about this week!

eMINTS - This organization teaches educators how to integrate technology in a way that stimulates higher order thinking and inquiry. Definitely worth checking out!

Mr. Bennett's IKeepBookMarks - This is my "storage unit" of web activities and games I use in the classroom. Feel free to poke around and "steal" what you think you can use. - I have found a lot of great instructional strategies for reading and writing on Mandy Gregory's website. Her website is PHENOMENAL!!

Beth Newingham - This is another reading and writing giant. Her class website amazes me as well as the resources she makes available to teachers and parents alike. Check out her website!

Top Teaching - This is a resource found on I follow this very closely and regularly.